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The significance of a theft charge depends in part on the value of the property that was allegedly taken. A minor case of shoplifting is obviously not the same as grand larceny.

However, if you are an immigrant, there is another possible consequence that goes beyond any criminal penalties: deportation.

Get the Experienced Counsel You Need to Defend Your Rights and Status

At the Law Offices of Anthony J. Pullara, we provide smart and strategic criminal defense services for all of our clients, regardless of citizenship. We have extensive experience in helping noncitizens avoid the consequences of a conviction. We have offices in Torrance and serve the entire L.A. area, including Redondo Beach and Carson.

Our goal is to effectively resolve allegations of theft while minimizing the potential impact of those allegations on immigration status for clients who are not citizens.

Ways to Resolve Theft Charges

Theft charges can range from small-scale stealing to large cases of fraud or embezzlement. There are various options for defending against such charges. They include:

  • Seeking to have the charges reduced: If the offense is petty and can be reduced to an infraction, it will have no impact on immigration status.
  • Pursuing a civil compromise: If the case is a misdemeanor, and the victim of the theft is reimbursed for their loss, the victim can then sign a declaration stating that they have been made whole, and the court then has the discretion to dismiss the case.
  • Fighting the charges at trial: Like other offenses, when a theft offense is charged, prosecutors must prove every element of the offense. If necessary, we can take your case to trial, seeking to show reasonable dou inabout the prosecution’s case.

How a Sentence for Theft Can Affect Immigration Status

When working to resolve theft charges, it is critical that any sentence imposed be for less than 365 days. If the potential sentence is for more than 365 days, it is classified as an “aggravated felony” for immigration purposes. The individual will then be subject to mandatory deportation, barred from becoming a U.S. citizen and prohibited from entering the U.S.

This is because, under federal law, certain theft crimes may count as crimes of “moral turpitude,” putting the prospect of deportation squarely on the table.

Our law firm frequently negotiates with prosecutors to help reduce the consequences of theft offenses so that they are considered “immigration neutral.” We know you want to remain here, with your family and with the life you are building, and we offer the services that can make that happen.

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