Resolving Drug Charges and Protecting Immigration Status

If you have been charged with a drug offense, you are probably apprehensive. Depending on the drug and the alleged activity, you could be facing time behind bars, mandatory reporting to a probation officer, and other consequences.

If you are not a citizen, there is also an additional level of concern. You may be afraid that negative immigration impact from a criminal conviction could lead to your being deported — possibly separating you from your family.

At the Law Offices of Anthony Pullara, we understand how serious this is and can help you respond with positive action. If you are facing criminal charges for marijuana possession or any other drug offense, we will defend you aggressively and seek resolutions that do not hurt your immigration status. We have offices in Torrance and downtown L.A. and serve clients throughout the Torrance area, including Carson and Redondo Beach.

We also are prepared to assist those who have already been convicted by pursuing post-conviction relief.

What Type of Drug Charges Are Involved in Your Case?

Our firm defends against drug charges for a wide range of drug offenses, including marijuana, cocaine, meth (methamphetamines) and heroin. We know how to contest all types of charges, including:

  • Possession
  • Trafficking
  • Distribution
  • Sales

If you are an immigrant, we constantly keep in mind the potential immigration consequences associated with a conviction. For example, under federal law, any type of drug trafficking offense is considered an “aggravated felony” and thus subject to deportation. A conviction for possession with intent to sell drugs could also put your right to remain in the U.S. at risk.

But whether you are undocumented or not, we will strive to get the best result possible for you in your particular case. If you have been charged with a felony, we can seek to have it reduced to a misdemeanor-like simple possession.

Our firm is also experienced in sentence adjustments or modifications that noncitizens may need to prevent deportation or other negative immigration consequences. Attorney Anthony Pullara has extensive experience in helping people seek post-conviction relief in order to protect their immigration status.

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