Post-Conviction Relief Regardless of Citizenship

A conviction is not the end of the road. Sometimes, it is just the beginning. Whether you are a U.S. citizen or not, you have several post-conviction relief options.

At the Law Offices of Anthony J. Pullara, we provide skilled post-conviction relief services to immigrants and U.S. citizens who have been convicted of crimes. From offices in Torrance, we serve clients throughout California and across the country.

When we take your case, we can conduct a thorough review, including trial court records, transcripts and police reports. We have extensive experience in seeking to vacate or modify convictions.

Attacking a Prior Conviction

Some of the ways to attack a prior conviction are:

  • Failure to be advised of immigration consequence: As a noncitizen, you still have the right to be informed of the potential immigration consequences of a criminal conviction. These consequences can include deportation, exclusion from admission to the United States and denial of naturalization. If you were not advised of these consequences of a conviction before you pled guilty, you may be entitled to relief.
  • Writs of habeas corpus: Habeas corpus is a Latin phrase that roughly translates to “bring forth the body” [the incarcerated person]. A writ of habeas corpus directs that an incarcerated person be brought to the court to determine whether he or she is being held legally. There are several options for relief under a habeas petition, and it can be a useful legal tool for immigrants who have been convicted of crimes.
  • Expungement: It doesn’t take long after a conviction to realize that your criminal record can hold you back. It can be a barrier to employment or to finding safe, affordable housing. You may be able to have your criminal record cleared — or expunged — by working with our law firm to file a motion for expungement.
  • Writs of coram nobis: When a conviction was based on an error of fact, it may be possible to challenge it by filing a writ of coram nobis in the California courts. This procedure could be used, for example, in statutory rape cases where the victim was, in fact, over — not under — age 18.

Anthony Pullara has been a criminal defense attorney for more than 25 years. He has extensive working knowledge of the options and rights available to people who have been convicted of crimes.

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