Criminal Defense Attorney: Torrance/Torrance

If you are facing criminal charges, feelings of fear are understandable. It is important to confront your fears — and take action to get an effective criminal defense attorney in your corner.

This is especially true if you not a citizen, because many criminal convictions carry significant immigration consequences — including the possibility of deportation.

At the Law Offices of Anthony J. Pullara, in Torrance, we provide skilled defense against a wide range of criminal charges, with a particular focus on preventing charges or convictions that may negatively impact immigration status.

Choosing the Right Attorney for Your Needs

Attorney Anthony Pullara has handled these cases for many years. He serves as a criminal defense lawyer for immigrants and others facing criminal charges. In addition, he works for post-conviction relief that will help noncitizens facing immigration consequences from a prior conviction.

Mr. Pullara knows how to negotiate effectively with prosecutors, seeking charge reductions or a dropping of the charges entirely. If you are not a citizen, he strives for the resolution of your case to be “immigration neutral,” so that it does not lead to wrenching deportation proceedings that could separate you from your family.

Our firm defends clients against a wide range of criminal charges. We also work with other attorneys — including out-of-state attorneys — to seek post-conviction relief from convictions in California that affect immigration status. This includes:

  • Crimes of violence: Convictions for domestic violence or other violent crimes have particular immigration consequences and it is therefore crucial to contest the charges from the outset.
  • Drug crimes and DUI: We handle the defense of drug crime allegations, from possession of a controlled substance to trafficking or distribution. Our firm also provides skilled defense against DUI charges.
  • Theft crimes: We have experience in the defense of all theft-related charges including fraud and embezzlement.

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